ASEAN Consumer, We have a problem!

The dust is supposed to have settled down.

And instead of having a clear direction after things are supposed to be settled, there are far more unclear things than before.

The issue starts with the inability and indecisiveness of the man on top. Confusion is all over and I just hope we all can come to a solution fast to enable us to fulfill the growth potential we have in our business and in our markets.

Somebody has to put his feet down and ensure that everyone in the team is comfortable with what they are supposed to do. And it should come from the man in charge.

It also doesn’t help that the new staff who just joined the core group in the last week or so think that respects is given without earning it. I feel for those who have to report to the new peeps; they have worked their asses of to make sure that we all grow as a business and when the hand-picked few took over, they wanted to show their self-perceived power and authority by imposing things that are not only contrary to where the core group have taken the business to but they’re downright stupid!

Case in point: when the lady who was brought in by the boss to oversee the team in his absence, she took her new found authority to a whole new level. The position she is in is a trust given to her and it shouldn’t be abused at any cost.

My beef with her started when she tried to take over my department! Honestly, I don’t give a fuck if you have been with the company the last 10 years; if you can’t do my job, stop pretending you can!

Seriously, this lady pissed off the wrong person. Just because she has been around longer than I have doesn’t give her the right to even try to talk to the boss to head my organization. I’m really ok if she has the right credentials and experiences to do so but she knows nuts about what it is I do. And when he pulls her so-called European experience, it really makes me laugh.

Her experience in Product Marketing has no bearings to what I do; there is a world of a difference between product marketing and Brand Marketing! And my interactions with her in the last one week just reinforced my suspicions that she doesn’t know nothing about my world and what I do for the company.

We do have a problem and I hope it is settled soon.

And as far as this ‘iron lady’ is concerned, time will prove how little she knows about the beautiful world of Branding…


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