Another Month, Another Farewell :(

I am having mixed feelings anticipating next week.

On Wednesday, the DELL ASEAN Consumer family is throwing another farewell to two of our colleagues - Inoue-san and Kazuma-san. While my interaction with the latter is rather limited, my relationship with the former is more mentor-prodigy type.

Inoue-san was one of those who interviewed me and fought to get me into Dell. In the last 6 months, he didn’t only serve as my mentor in finding ways to adapt to the Dell culture but he has also been my biggest supporter and defender.

I am not the easiest person to deal with; I am stubborn in my beliefs and often fight for what I believed in. Inoue-san has always been there to guide me and explain to me how the whole process works and was always there whenever I needed to voice out my frustration.

And just like that, he is going to be gone :(

I may lose the one person who truly believed and appreciated my capabilities and potential but I am also thrilled that he is finally going back home. And of all the things I learned from him, the one thing that I will always remember is that, no matter what happens, I need to believe in my ability to solve whatever problems I may face if I put my head into it.

And now, I truly believe.

Thank you Inoue-san and good Luck!


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