Workshop: Day 3

Day 3 started like day 2, only this time the sun was up and it was pretty hot by the time I got to the lobby where the bus was waiting for us. We also went to a different venue, some old buildings here in the city.

The Dell Japanese Connection (CW: Inoue, Sayaka, Kenji and Shoko)

Right from the start, day 3 was full of interactive sessions and open-debate on where the strategic course of retail globally should be. Of course, some are still very much stubborn with their views and either refused to or just doesn’t have enough intellectual ability to do so.

As the days passed by, I noticed more and more that those who refused to change are those who have been with the organization for donkey years; those who started as inside sales rep and grew through the ranks. They are the biggest resisters to change but hey, we are operating at a different level now and the only way for us to survive, let alone compete, is to change.

Oh well, at the end of the day, the new kids on the block outnumbered, out-thought the old ones and hence, changes were made. Because of the intensity of the day’s agenda, we had catered lunch. And after that, more rounds of intelligent debates and the next time you know, it is 5pm already!

Sayaka. This is one cool woman. Her looks and personality betrays her real age. She was a total fun to be with and a great mind to debate with.

We went back to the hotel to change and then off to dinner. Since we had to endure catered lunch, the organizing team brought us to this gorgeous place called Graze; it was such a great restaurant. The whole ambience relaxed everyone and we did forget the stress of the day.

Tomorrow is the last day and I am hoping to get some shopping done. But I still have to go our ad agency and present my quarterly brief :( I’ll just try to finish it as early as I can so that I have some time for myself and my Ralph Lauren hehehe


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