The Workshop: Day 2

Having had a blast the day before, I was reall excited and was eagerly looking forward to the 2nd day of the workshop.

It was pouring heavily when I woke up and I was hoping that it would stop before we leave the hotel so that it wouldn't be as scorching as the day before. Nevertheless, I was ready and raring to go.

Yesterday proved to be a good workshop and looking at the agenda today, I was prepping myself for a more productive day. I enjoyed the presentation yesterday and enjoyed more when my region - ASEAN – was always the reference market for Best Practice hehehe

The sight I woke up to

The peeps at the workshop

Sayaka from Japan, she's my age but looks like a little girl :)

Coffee and San Pelligrino! All I need is a ciggie :)

When we got to the venue, the workshop was moved to another floor and if yesterday was your typical round table sitting, today’s session was more relaxed; it was a theater like sitting with comfortable couches.

By lunch time, we were all so engaged in the workshop that time flew by so fast. I was engrossed with the global manifest that was being finalized and was so proud that most of the examples contained therein are works that I did for my region and had personally conceptualized and implemented.

To be made the example for creation great work put smiles across the ASEAN team. I mean, here we are, one of the smallest market - albeit the fastest growing – and yet, we are the epitome of what global is trying to do. As visuals of our works were splashed across the screen, I kept on questioning myself whether I have done enough. I mean, in 2 just quarters, my team and I have managed to get the attention of the Texas folks and for the US team to keep on using our works as examples when they meet their customers is something to be really, really proud of.

This workshop is not just a Dell workshop. Every market brought with them a representative from their communications Agency. We brought with us the Account Director of our agency who has moved from one agency to another to service Dell. She has been servicing Dell ASEAN for 6 years and honestly, I don’t know where we would be without her. The staff movement in Dell is so fast that almost all the time, the people running the business is always new and this is where she comes in. She connects the past with the present and being new, her guidance allowed me to come up with the “Best Practice” works that we are now known globally for.

While yesterday was tiring but fun, today was more serious and intriguing and at the end of the day, I was just mentally exhausted…


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