When Great(?) Minds Meet

This morning was the first day of the Retail Workshop that I am attending. I am representing the ASEAN region and we have in our midst the delegates from other regions such as India, China, Australia/New Zealand, Japan, Korea and other regions within the Dell Global Fraternity.

Representing ASEAN

What do you get when the self-confessed - openly or otherwise - marketing gurus meet?

It can either go both directions - a great meeting of minds with free flows of thoughts or it can go the exact opposite direction where everyone is trying to show their mantle by being overbearing and over emphasizing of their self-perceived “great marketing mind”.

The ASEAN Marcom team - Chloe, Inoue and I
Inoue and I

Me with Sam from our Ad Agency and Chloe

Well, the session this morning had a combination of both but more inclined to the former. I mean, the rest of the regions are ok with really deep understanding of the subject matter but as always, in such workshops, one would find an individual and/or group of individuals who feel that they are better than the rest, those who need to make themselves feel special.

And in this workshop, the infamous ‘accolade’ goes to our Indian team! Why am I not surprised with this eh? Hahahaha But in all fairness to them, they’re not that bad and are really great guys.

The end of the day saw us being ushered to a team building exercise and I really am not interested in the type of activities normally organized to forge bonding but I was in for a surprise! Unlike previous times when we have to do all sorts of things, this time around, we went Dragon Boat Racing!

And guess what?

I had a fucking marvelous time! We rowed and rowed until our bodies couldn’t row anymore LOL

We ended the first day with a sumptuous dinner at a sea food restaurant called Jumbo, somewhere in Dempsey’s or something like that. The food – specially the crabs – was amazing and it’s been such a long time that I truly enjoyed myself in a company workshop.

I can’t wait for day 2…


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