Remembering the War...

What’s a trip to Saigon without a visit to the War Museum?

One of the must-do when you are in Saigon is going to the museum where you would be reminded of the horrific Vietnam War from 1945-1975. Looking at the pictures of what the Vietnamese people went through is just too much for any words.

I will let the pictures speak for the atrocities and genocide that was committed by the Americans and going through picture by picture in the museum made me better understand that war is never the solution to any problems we have in this world.

The next few pctures may disturb the shit out out of you so consider yourselves warned! I had a tought time looking through them; how could people be so ruthless? In every war, it is the citizens that suffer the most.

The Pullitzer winning picture of a little girl who is a victim of the Orange Gas attack; And below, pic of her grown up with her baby

Unborn twins, the mother is also a victim of the Orange Gas

Clothing of those who died in the war


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