What a night!

Last night was seriously one of the best nights I’ve had since joining Dell. As you know, I am in Saigon to officially launch our consumer business and I can tell you, of all the launches I have helmed, this is by far one of the best and definitely the best launch I have done for my company.

It started rather sadly; my Small Baby had to go back yesterday because she is flying to London today. I would have really loved for her to attend the launch but hey, she’s got a job to do. The Saigon skies cried when she departed; it was pouring and continued till the night.

On a chilly night in the exotic city of Ho Chi Minh, and as the town prepared itself to call it a night, hundreds of IT enthusiasts – representatives of media across broadcast and print, bloggers, society crème de la crème, famous artistes and celebrities, foreign expats from other MNC’s, just to name a few – all gathered in Lush Club, the town’s most famous nightspot and the favorite melting pot of those who matter in Ho Chi Minh society, to welcome and bear witness to a new day; the day when Dell consumer starts its quest in revolutionizing the IT industry in Vietnam!

Dell Consumer has arrived at what an entrance it was!

And to know that I personally conceptualized everything makes me smile with satisfaction. And as I am writing this over my morning routine coffee mocha and Gudang Garam, I still can’t help but smile on how I made Ho Chi Minh’s society people gasped in admiration and amazement with the show I put on last night.

And to top it all up, when I picked up this morning’s newspapers, the event was plastered all over the front page! How fucking cool is that?!? To have your event become front page news is something you don’t see every day; it’s a fucking event for God’s sake, not national news! LOL But I guess us going into the Vietnam market is national news! Hehehe

What a night!


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