Vietnam Launch

Sometimes, no matter how tough and hectic work is, there is always something to look forward to at the end of it. And my Vietnam launch is one such 'work'.

As mentioned in previous posts, and after visiting the country numerous times in the last few months, we are finally ready to launch our consumer business in Vietnam. We have chosen the biggest IT distributor in the country to partner with I’m confident we will be a force and will shake up the Vietnam IT industry.

But what I’m looking really looking forward to is the launch. After spending trying to establish the business, the launch serves as the icing in the cake for all the hard works that we put into in expanding our consumer business across Asia.

And for the last two weeks - in between travels, meetings and day-today work - I have been constantly communicating with Ogilvy PR in Ho Chi Minh to conceptualize and finalize the launch.

And yesterday, we finally managed to finalize everything. And what a relief!

I will be attending the Dell Retail Marketing workshop the whole of next week and will be back in KL on the 14th and off to Ho Chi Minh on the 15th till the 19th for the launch. The whole of next week will be mentally exhausting but hey, the visit to Vietnam after that is well worth it.

And you know why?

Besides the thrill of seeing my thoughts turned into action, I will also be mixing with these people; the very people that I chose for the launch

Hien Thuc - The entertainer for the night :)

Kim Minh - The 'Queen' for the night

These are just a few of the models that are going to grace our launch :) If you were me, wouldn't you look forward to the launch as well? hehehe

Work can be sometimes be fun, don't you think? :p


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