This is a stuff made for Hollywood, really. I am surprised the bigwigs of major movie organizations haven’t come up with a movie based on this real life drama! This would surely be a box office hit!

The scene:

A Prime Minister in waiting, the 2nd most powerful in the country was charged of corruption and sodomy, charges that were later dropped by the court of law. The man in question is then the Deputy PM.

Fast-forward to the present, almost 10 years ago and what do we have? Another sodomy charge, a repeat of 1998. It’s basically the same scenario. The man in question is the same man but now occupying a different position but still a PM-in-waiting.

God, when will this stop?

Like in 1998, I am convinced that it is another conspiracy against the soon to be PM. Albeit he is now the face of the opposition, without being an MP at that, people in the know knows for a fact that Anwar Ibrahim is a force t reckon with. His mere presence and charisma catapulted PKR from a party with 1 seat to the biggest single party with most seats in the current permanent.

I don’t know the reasons this time around but it is obvious that the government is panicking with is rising popularity with the masses. I am no politician nor do I harbor of being one. But this latest accusation is just unbelievable and crazy; anyone who even entertains the absurdness of such a thing is either plan stupid or a die-hard UMNO fan blinded by his beliefs that UMNO is the only party who could lead this nation.

C’mon now, how could a 60 year old man sodomize a 23 year old? And judging from the pictures of the accuser, it is clear that, if there is any truth to it, he could have easily pushed the guy away.

Seriously, I don’t even buy the idea that Anwar could still get it up without the help of Viagra! LOL Seriously, with his wealth, the pressure and stress of politics and the other things that occupy his mind day in day out, I don’t see him being capable of doing such despicable act.

It is high time that Malaysians come to their senses and gather the courage to tell the government enough is enough! We ain’t fools y’know?


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