Sleepless Nights are here!

The European Championships starts tonight and for a football mad nation like Malaysia, it sure is going to be another sleepless month.

Granted the Euro Championship is not as big as the World Cup but I'm sure Malaysians of all ages will be looking forward to this. I am a fan of football; I've been supporting Manchester United ever since I was 10 and consider England and Argentina as my favorite football countries. But I don't think I will be following Euro 2008 religiously.

None of my favorite teams are involved and though some of the United players are playing for their respective countries, watching them individually is just not something I am looking forward to. Moreover, with a crazy schedule, I don’t think I want to spend sleepless nights and risk being a zombie for all my meetings.

But hey, I am nothing but an individual. The Malaysian society at large is one football crazy society and unlike me, I’m sure they will be gathering in their favorite Mamak stalls and/or at home to watch the games.

I’m not saying I’m not watching any of the games; what I’m saying is I’m not gonna wait up till the wee hours of the morning to watch them. Maybe I would for the final but not during the earlier rounds of the competition. As it is I’m having sleeping problems and I don’t want to aggravate it with staying up to watch the games.

Oh well..


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