Sen. Obama

After a tiring and arduous campaign, Senator Barack Obama has finally gotten the Democratic nomination to go head to head against Republican nominee John McCain after Senator Hillary Clinton officially announced her endorsement of the Illinois senator.

For someone who grew up in New York, I tend to lean towards the Democrats and considering that the outgoing president is such an ass, I wanted US to a have new president form a different party. Honestly, I don’t think there’s not going to much difference but choosing between the two, the Democrats are the lesser evil.

Anyways, while my brain supported Obama, being the kid from NY, my emotional favorite was the former first lady. Either way, the United States is going to have a president with a ‘first’; first woman or first black.

And now that Obama has been endorsed, the US will have it first Black President. Of course the Democrats are going to win, how could the people return another president from the Republicans? But then again, the peeps in the States are a bunch cuckoo’s that you just don’t know.


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