The Odd Ones Out

Ever since I move to Dell, whenever I am on a business trip and this happens almost every week, the hotel of choice has always been Shangri-La. Oh, not by me but Shang happens to be our corporate hotel and I ain't gonna complain.

Of all the countries that I have visited for work, only in Vietnam and Singapore do we not stay in Shangri-La; it's Hyatt in Ho Chi Minh and the Swissotel Stamford in the lion city.

The new terminal; reminds me so much of bangkok I don't know why

I will blog about Hyatt next week when I go there for our launch but this entry is about the Swissotel. I was never a fan of this place whenever I come to Singapore, preferring instead the Marriot because of its location.

I remember the last time my Small Baby and I were in Singapore. We went to Raffles City Shopping Center to meet with a friend of mine from the Philippines and when we were done, we wandered around to try and get a cab and that is where we ended up in Swissotel.

The last time I was in Singapore with my Small Baby (taken at Starbucks in Rafflles City)

Even then, the first thought I had was this had to be an expensive hotel, basing it on the high-end watch shops and art galleries that adorn its pathway as you walk to the lobby. The lobby itself is not your usual 5-star lobby where grand is the common theme. Swissotel’s lobby is rather small and unpretentious; the ones you would see in normal 3-star hotels.

Anyways, in my first business trip to Singapore, I thought like in any other cities, I would be checking in to a Shangri-La but when I was told that it would be better if I go to Swissotel. And as soon as I got into my room, I immediately liked what I saw. It has a magnificent view of the city and it has a balcony with doors that could be opened, a rarity in most hotels nowadays!

I love King-sized beds!

Ok, this rarity is a double-edged sword; one hand, you can sit by the veranda and watch sun set over the city and enjoy the breathtakingly majestic sight while on the other hand, this is a place for those who want to commit suicide! Hahahaha I tell you dude, instant death!

The door to the veranda: sunset watching or suicide

Within the hotel compound is also the famous Equinox Complex, located from the 70th to the 72nd floors. It offers a panoramic view of Singapore and home to famous restaurants such as Equinox Restaurant (69th Floor), Jaan and City Space (70th) and of course, the New Asia Bar (70th-72nd).

The view from my the room
The view at night

Oh, and did you know that they offer Moet & Chandon champagnes are 50% during happy hours? Now tell me where else can I have my favorite drink for half the price? Damn! No wonder I liked this place the first time I stayed there

If anyone of you who wants to try a new place the next time you're in Singapore, stay at the Swissotel Stamford, I guarantee you'd love it.


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