More of Saigon

After the saddening and disturbing visit to the War Museum, my Small Baby and I continued to wandered along the streets of Ho Chi Minh; we had no specific place that we wanted to go but just walked around to see the city.

In our wanderings, we found a few historic sights such as the Palace that acted as the last bastion of the American-controlled South Vietnam and the Notre Dame Cathedral; told you this place reminded Small Baby of Paris! LOL

The last bastion of Saigon; when the communist took over this pace, it signalled the end of the war.

My Gorgeous Small Baby!

Vietnam is all about motocrcyles! :)

Ho Chi Minh is a city that you could cover in a day, at least the main town. Outside it, there’s really nothing much to see unless you really go out of the city. After walking around for hours, we went back to the hotel to clean up and prepare for dinner.

Saigon's Notre Dame Cathedral

My ex-staff from my Nestle days took us to a nice spot in Saigon Tower to have dinner. I was the one who expatriated him to Vietnam to oversee the confectionery business and I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since he was sent there. It was a night of catching up with him and I was proud to know that he is doing very well.

After dinner, we wandered for a bit more before we called it a night. My Small Baby’s going back tomorrow as she is flying to London on Wednesday and I have a launch to prepare. It is going to be a long day for both us…

Park Hyatt Hotel Saigon


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