Ho Chi Minh City; The Arrival

After a self-imposed stressful journey, we arrived at Ho Chi Minh and as we exited the airport, I spotted the dude from Hyatt Hotel, where we would be staying came, holding a placard bearing my name. I went up to him, told him who I was and we were ushered into the car.

On the drive to the hotel, my Small Baby commented about the place. For those who have never been to Ho Chi Minh, it is very much like Haad Yai; booming yet still very much un-city like. One could see that the shops here are very small and won’t give you the impression of other major commercial cities like Bangkok or KL.

I guess the city is still very much undeveloped. It is more like a tourist city where Westerners like to visit and that is the impression I have always had of Ho Chi Minh. The main town is a walk away from the hotel and you’ll see that the buildings here are very much French inspired. My Small Baby and even commented that it looks like the equivalent of Paris; not from the ambience and classiness mind you but walking around gives you the feeling that you are in a small town somewhere in France, only it Is not as developed.

When we arrived at the hotel, my Small Baby and I, together with a colleague went for lunch and it was surprising that they only had buffet on Sunday’s! I mean, that really leaves guests with no choice but to have a buffet meal no? Anyways, the selection was ok and I grabbed as much as I could because I was so fucking hungry from running around in KLIA.

The Opera where we had buffet lunch

Vietnamese Hotes are very generous with frsh shrimps :)

Another surprise is that, typically French, they serve sparkling wine instead of water during Sunday buffet! I’m like damn! LOL I would have gladly stayed and drank myself to exhaustion but it had been a stressful and tiring day; plus, we wanted to explore the city and see what this little town had t offer.

As my Small Baby and I walked about, she realized that there’s really nothing much to do or buy. So we ended up pampering ourselves in a spa where we both got a massage and got our nails done.

When we got back to the hotel, I was just so tired to do anything that night that I just went straight to sleep, hoping I would have enough rest to tackle day 2 of this trip.



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