WPP announced the official name of the agency it launched last year when it won the Dell account globally.

They were known as Project Da Vinci when they launched but all of us knew this was just a temporary name for the agency that handles our USD4.5 Billion account. That's right; the account is worth USD4.5 Billion!

The first time we were told of the new name was during the first night when we were having dinner at Jumbo. We have always been accustomed to referring to them as Da Vinci and during presentations the next day, everyone - including the agency themselves - kept on saying Da Vinci! LOL

Torrence Boone - the newly appointed Worldwide CEO of Enfatico (THANKS TK)

It’ll take time to get used to the new name I guess. But for us, it doesn’t really make a difference as we have always referred to them as ‘the agency’.


TK said...

His name is Torrence Boone. :)

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