Dell Workshop: Final Day

Today was the final day of the workshop.

After the initial awkwardness of the first day, this turned to be a great workshop. We got what we wanted and that is to be heard. In a way, the global peeps finally realized that the reason why the other regions outside the US are doing beyond expectations is because it has good people who actually know their thing.

Of the regions outside US, our Asia Pacific/Japan region is the best in a lot of ways and this is something what we have always taken pride in. And of course, within APJ, hands down, the best is the ASEAN market.

The last four days really opened me to the “Dell World”; a world where opportunities abound and with a little patience and determination, one could really go far. There exists too many opportunities that even for someone who is really handling regional, I know I could go further.

The last few days have also allowed me to meet people from the different parts of the Dell World and it was a great experience for me. And to be perceived as someone who is good at what I do - remember, I’m the new kid unlike most of them – is something that I will cherish forever.

And as we said our goodbyes, I felt a bit sad because these people are not only great but they truly value what I have done for my market. For them to kept on asking me for permission to adapt the creative and strategies I have executed in ASEAN is the one thing I will never forget from the workshop.

After all said and done, and while the rest were free to see Singapore on their own, my team and I rushed to our agency’s office in Shaw Tower to present my Q3 brief. I tried to present the brief as fast and concise but clear as possible, I headed to Orchard to hit the RL outlets.

The week was truly rewarding and as I am writing this entry, I am smiling all over as I recollect the events of the last few days. I can’t wait for this to happen again…


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