Bad Flying Habits

I missed my flight the day before because of an unscheduled meeting with Intel and the first available flight back to KL was at 7:10 in the morning. I was hoping against all odds that the plane will leave on the dot so that I would have time to catch my 9:05 flight to Ho Chi Minh.

But as luck would have it, the flight was delayed because a bunch of Swedish dudes were watching the delayed telecast of the Sweden match and I don’t understand why the staff of SIA didn’t try harder to get these people on board.

Anyways, I arrived at KLIA at around 8:20 and was rushing to go out so that I can check back in for my flight to Vietnam. Lucky for me, my Small Baby was so smart enough to tell me to try to book before I go out and that is what I did. I managed to check in but I still have my luggage to clear; I rushed past the immigration, grabbed my bag and went in again via the same floor, i.e. on the 3rd where arrival is situated.

There is another problem. As far as Malaysian Immigration is concerned, I have entered the country but going to the 5th floor from the 3rd meant that I did not exit, so complications may arise when I come back from Vietnam. Again, like a mad man, I rushed to the immigration on the 5th floor, spoke to the officers and explained my situation; luckily, they allowed me to go out, turn around and get go through the act of exiting the country.

Upon clearing the immigration and the all the rigorous checking, I looked at my watch and saw that I had 10 minutes left! As my Small Baby and I were in the aero-train, I kept on profusely apologizing to her because she can get into trouble for boarding late because she is an employee of MAS and they should never be late.

We arrived at the gate, got reprimanded by the officers but were allowed to board and as soon as we settled in our seats, the plane closed its doors and we took off.

I always asked myself why I do this to myself. I mean, why can’t I be early for once and enjoy every trip that I take? Seriously, I really think I need to change my habits when I fly because despite having enough time to prepare, I am always late…

And this behavior really needs to change.


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