Rivalry Renewed

After 21 years, the Boston Celtics are back in the NBA finals.

But more than that, they are facing the Lakers and this brings me back to my grade school days when Magic Johnson battled Larry Bird in the classic 80’s.

Anyone of you who claim to know your basketball would know how deep the Celtics-Lakers rivalry is. During the 60’s, the Celtics dominated the Lakers in their route to winning an unparalleled 11 titles. The Lakers team of the 60’s such as Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, etc were no match for the Bill Russel-led Celtics.

In the year I was born, the Lakers traded for the great Wilt Chamberlain but even then, the Celtics still beat their asses in the NBA Finals.

Flash forward to the 80’s and the rivalry was renewed again. This time, it was ‘Showtime’ in LA with Magic at the helm but during their first finals against the Celtics, Larry Bird proved that the Celtics continued their dominance over the Lakers. The next few years though, it was the Lakers who totally dominated the league, winning 5 titles along the way.

Just to put some perspective and make you wannabes understand the weight of this rivalry; the Lakers and the Celtics have won 30 of the 61 NBA titles! It’s like the Red Devils and Reds rivalry in the EPL; that is how big this thing is.

On a more personal note, it was during the Celtics-Lakers of the 80’s when I fell in-love with the game of Basketball. Many a nights were spent watching these two play the game and it was a period of my life that will always be with me.

And as the rivalry is renewed this year, it puts a smile into my face; even when I am no longer the kid that I was, this year’s NBA Finals brings me back to the days when I was. And as I reminisce about those golden days, it makes me realize that all is not lost…


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