Singapore or Thailand?

This is the choice I have to make come June 12.

From the 12th till the 15th of June, both countries are having their respective PC Fairs and PC Fairs are one of our biggest selling avenues. Both fairs require my presence but I only have one body and I need to choose which event to attend.

From a business perspective, I am more inclined to go to Thailand; we are relatively newer in the market and it would be great to experience first-hand the madness that is PC Fair - or COMMART – as it is known there.

On the other hand, Singapore will always be Singapore. It is a place where I always enjoy visiting and I haven’t experienced PC Fairs there too. On a more personal level, this is my choice of place to go. Not only am I familiar with the place, but I would also get a chance to sneak into Queensway to check the latest kicks on sale :)



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