Lack of Pictures in My Blog

I met up with an ex colleague while I was in Singapore over the weekend to meet with our agency and she asked me why I don’t blog like before. I explained that I really don’t have time to even enjoy my social life, let alone blog about it.

I have a few Air Jordan’s added to my collection the last few months but not only I haven’t had time to blog about them, I haven’t even enjoyed them L Well, maybe except 1 pair but because I have spent most of times travelling, I find it useless to even wear them during my travels.

See, when I travel for work, a typical day starts around 8am when we discuss the day’s agenda over breakfast. The whole day is spent in meetings and market visits and more meetings during and after dinner that by the time I go back to my hotel room, it’s almost midnight if not pass it. What do you do when you’re so exhausted but shower and sleep, to prepare another similar day tomorrow? Sigh…

In all my travels, I haven’t done any touristy stuff, not one. Do I enjoy it? No, but I don’t really have a choice either. I go to these countries for and to work and work doesn’t give you the privilege to do the nice things one gets to do when travelling. Plus, I am an industry where everything changes so fast that life is always on the go. Say, I have meetings for two days, I will be there for two days and no extra day is spent doing nothing.

Anyways, going back to my ex colleague, I just told her that I just don’t have the privilege and time to take pictures to show in my blog; I don’t think my readers would like to see pictures of hotels and airports no? But if I were to snap pictures of any kind, it would be airplanes, airports and hotels :(

Oh, and the view from my hotel room!


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