Kings of Europe!

Just as I hoped and predicted, the Red Devils won the Champions League this morning!

It was a crazy, crazy game. I would have thought we would have finished Chelsea off in the first half alone but as always with the Blues, the game ain’t over till the final whistle. I endured a stressful 2nd half and really thought we were gonna lose it; Chelsea completely dominated the 2nd half that I wanted to just go home and sleep.

Lucky for me I didn’t :)

I guess penalty kicks are a lottery, really. God be my judge I knew Ronaldo was going to miss, I just knew it. It makes you really think how great God is. I mean, here’s a guy who is undoubtedly the best player in the world, scoring 42 goals in one season, giving us the lead in the first half and during crunch time, he always deliver. And yet, when he went up there to take his shot, I knew he was going to miss.

And when he did, I knew we were in trouble. Until I saw John Terry. You know what makes football great? Stuff like this makes it a great show. Here is Mr. Chelsea himself; the backbone and inspiration of his whole team and guess what he does? Blow the penalty away!!!

Aahh, football… It’s like a reality show with lots of drama. And this is what sucks the hell out of its fans. During the shootout, I was completely blown away by the coolness of Anderson and Nani, two teenagers who showed maturity under tremendous pressure. Man, I would have peed in my pants, I was telling myself. If seasoned veterans can buck under pressure, what more two kids who are playing their first CL final eh?

Thank God, a veteran screwed up! LOL

When Anelka, with a Champions League medal in his resume, failed, I jumped for joy and embraced the people around me. I was deliriously happy to see my team win and sometimes, people who are not into football, don’t understand the passion and loyalty a fan has. I don’t get anything from staying till 6 am to watch the game but I still did. It has nothing to do with any personal gains; it is knowing that you’re part of millions of people who admire the same team.

And as Giggsy and Ferdinand hoisted the cup, I was so proud to know that in my own little way, I have contributed to that :)


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