I want to live my life NOW!

I don’t want to live with the knowledge of what is in store for me in the future.

Nor do I want to live in the past either.

And while I can write millions of sayings, proverbs, words of wisdom and other pertinent morale-boosting words of encouragement, it won't really help solve my current predicament. All I want and need is to live my life now.

I am currently in all sorts of troubles and though I know everything will turn out fine, I don't feel like taking a backseat and allow nature to solve my problems for me. And that is why I want to live now. I know things will be fine in the future and my past will help me solve them. But right now, I have a lot of things to settle; lots of repair works to my life. Oh, I’m not really in any serious troubles, I just have lots of wrongs to correct.

There is damaged friendships that caused by my earthly desires. There is the personal relationship that needs my time and affection badly. There is the confused feeling for someone. There is the career ambition that I don’t know whether I want or not. There is the inner struggle to do the right things but always end up doing the opposite. And I can go on and on…

This is the reason why I want to live at this moment; live without looking ahead to what tomorrow brings and looking back to what happened yesterday. It is about right now. And right now, I need t find inner peace with how I live my life.

And hopefully, with living in the moment will allow me to put my life in perspective and start correcting the mistakes I have done. And hopefully, tomorrow will be better…


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