Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my birthday.

But today is more than just my birthday; today is a reflection of my life.

So far.

If there are two things I am continually blessed with, they are my family and my Small Baby. And come what may, they are the very people who have always stood by me. And every day, I thank God for blessing me with having these people in my life.

Yes I grew up with wealth and the finest things money could buy. I also grew up with the most loving and supportive of parents one could hope for. I spent a great amount of adult life being loved by the greatest of women and admired and envied by the best of people.

But I’m not saying my life is all rosy and smooth, far from it actually. Like most people, I have had my ups and downs in life; some taught me to be more matured and toughened it in the real world, others made me bitter and disappointed and got me into all sorts of troubles during my younger days and occasionally, even now.

I know I have endless of people and things to be thankful for but with every sweet memory comes those I’d rather forget. But all combined, it has made me what I am today.

Oh, I’m not perfect. Not even close.

All I can do is to keep continuing to better myself. And just hope that I would make better choices in my life. I’m sure I’ll falter here and there but unlike the previous times when I spend time being analytical in where I went wrong, I’m just gonna pick myself up and continue with my journey.

Today is another candle in my cake. Another year to my age. Another memories to add to my life. And for what has happened all this past year, I could only be thankful to the Almighty for making a better and stronger person out of this part-time ego-centric, part-time confused dude.

Today is my birthday.

And I’m not that sad nor am I ecstatic.

Just Thankful.

And apologetic at times.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday man, sorry for the late greeting. hope you're doing well :)

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