Farewell, Matsuura-san

Last night, the whole ASEAN Consumer team took the time off to attend the farewell of Matsuura-san, our indefatigable leader and the man who singlehandedly brought the Consumer business to where it is now.

Toru Matsuura-san

He was also the force that brought me to Dell; he fought to get me and fought to give me what I am getting now. He may not be the typical ‘good’ boss from the outside but he brings the best out of anyone under his care by showing all of us that there’s no substitute to hard work.

The Boss and his Marketing Team

Bringing ASEAN Consumer Business to where it is now is the one reason that he had to leave. He was asked to inject some life into Japan Retail, a huge market for the company but one that has been showing problems quarters after quarters.

Because of his success with ASEAN and being Japanese, he is the most suitable person to lead Japan Consumer and our loss is Japan’s gain :(

Anyways, for the first time, I attended a Dell gathering. I wouldn’t miss this for anything and I made sure that my travels wouldn’t conflict with this farewell party. And I told myself that if ever did, I ain’t gonna travel nowhere!

The Boss and the Sales Team; they're all girls!

The event itself was low-key but very personal to everyone, well maybe not everyone but I’m sure it was personal for most. It was held by the pool at Trader’s Hotel in Penang and was attended by everyone in Marketing and the leaders of the Consumers Sales team.

In between speeches and drinking, and as I looked around and listened to what the Sales leads had to say about Matsuura-san, I knew I was right about joining Dell. And albeit my time with him was cut short, I will treasure the things he has taught me in our weekly 1-on-1’s.

Here’s to Matsuura-san, our inspiration…


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