Crossroads Again!

Yet again, I reached another crossroads in my life :(

I don’t know why but whenever my life is at auto-pilot speed on a smooth and straight road, and as soon as I think all is good, another crossroad suddenly and magically appears before me.

Yet again, it’s decision time.

But why am I always faced with crossroads after crossroads? Why can’t I enjoy a smooth ride for at least 1 straight year? Why can’t I just enjoy what I am doing today and right now; and allow it to go on for some time?


People say that God always puts such issues to those whom He knows can handle it? But what if I have lost my ability to handle it? That I’m just losing my battle with such struggles? Will He allow me to live my life with come level of ease? Will he consider that after all these, I am nothing but human with limited emotional and mental strength?

Will He?


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