Anticipating Stress Days

Stress days are coming!

I am a kid mostly and kids don’t get stressed, do they?

There have been times when works just get the better out of me. Not because they’re difficult or anything like that but mostly because there’s just too many things to do, with little help with so little time.

Try running 6 countries concurrently; 6 countries with lots of retailers and hundreds of retail shops and you know what I mean. Add little help into the mix and trust me, you’re surely going to get lots of stress.

But mostly I have had no issues with getting totally stressed out.

Why? How? Simple. I have a stress reliever.

But what happens if you find out that your stress reliever is leaving? What if the one person whose main presence calms you down quits; whose very smile makes you feel ok? What if that smile ceases to exist? What will happen to you?

Simple. Prepare for the inevitable.

Stress? I’m ready…

Or am I? :(


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