S2pid Love

In a recent trip to the Philippines as part of my ‘business’ tour, I was reacquainted with the song S2pid Love by Salbakuta.

When this song first came out, it took the Philippine Music Industry by storm! It stayed in the charts for the elongest time and everyone - be it a 100 yr old grandma to a 3 yr old kid - knew the lyrics to the song! That's how popular it was and I don't think any other song eversince could boast to be on par, yet alone better than S2pid Love...
The song is simplistic in nature; it tells about the the members' love stories, their memories of that particular relationship and what they truly felt. Albeit it all ended in heartbreaks, this song managed to communicate the suffering of men in general, especially in their relationships with women who do not know how to recognize the things that their man have gone through and done for them.

Years ago, even my Malaysian friends went crazy when they heard the song for the first time. I remember buying lots of CD’s of Salbakuta's album because everyone wanted to own it. Sampled from Barbara Streisand's 'Evergreen', S2pid Love were embraced by friends even if they didn't understand it at first because they could all relate. How many of us have been bitten by a girlfriend?

I am so fucking lazy to translate the song right now but if you have a Filipino friend, ask them to translate it for you; the chances are they even know the rhymes by heart!

Although Salbakuta has since disbanded, S2pid love would allow them to live forever...


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