It's nice to be home!

After travelling non-stop, I am finally back home.

I can't tell you how relieved I am to be back in a country where you can go out anytime of the day to get something to eat! Living in hotels - no matter how elegant they are - is not one of my favourite places to 'live' in and I think God has a way of giving us what we don't like no?

So I am back and I can finally start blogging again. I could have blogged about my journeys but I am always pressed for time and to be honest, nothing was really worth blogging about. Who wants to know about Dell offices in different countries? Even if you do, I don't feel like writing about it!

I'm back in Penang where the weather is as unpredictable as Malaysian politics; but rather than bitch about it, I'm just glad to be back...

There are millions topics I want to write about - from what the changes in Malaysian politics to the Red Devils being in a good spot to win a Double to the standard of Advertising in the country to God knows what else. But it’s all useless now as they have been irrelevant by now.

I am just gonna try to update my blog now that I’m back J Oh, United is playing Liverpool tomorrow and I’m sure we’re gonna beat them and shut Rafa up in the process!

Ready haters and bitches, I’m back!


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