Into The Wild

I just watched a movie directed by my favorite actor and like how he normally does when he acts, the movie blew me away.

I mean, Sean Penn is a great actor and while majority of the great actors normally don't make good directors, I think he's one of the exceptions.

Beautiful movie

I don't read fiction anyone but I read the Jon Krakauer book which this movie is based on and I must say, Sean Penn captured the essence of the book. And that is rare nowadays.

The book pretty much tells the story of a young man who has basically rejected the conventional way of life and went on an adventure that brought him from places to places. I liked because I was just beginning my working life when I read it and everytime I am faced with the fakeness of the corporate world, I wondered if I could actually go on and live my life in a completely opposite manner with how I envisioned my life to be.

This is the book I read in 1996

If you like to read non-fiction books, I strongly recommend this book. And if you like movies with essence, I also strongly recommend ‘Into The Wild.’

Does anyone know who Kirsten Stewart is? She’s the little girl who acted as Jodie Foster’s daughter in Panic Room as well as in Speak (she was awesome!), Cold Creek Manor and Get That Girl. God, she is such a superb actress and I think she’s gonna be winning Oscar’s in the future. Together with Dakota Fanning, I think they are the best young actresses of their generation.

'Into The Wild' is definitely one of the best movies I’ve seen lately.


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