CNY: The Penang way

This is supposed be my year.

36 years ago, my beloved mother –through the grace of God Almighty – delivered me to this world.

All I wanted to do this year, like what I have been the past few years, is go to My Small Baby’s family reunion dinner. I have always liked going for the reunion dinner as it provides me the kind of family support that I don’t have in Malaysia as my parents are overseas.

Unfortunately however, this year, the year that is supposed to be my year, I wasn’t able to make it for the reunion dinner because of work commitments and other unforeseen circumstances :( I know it sucks but life is such and I just have to think that God has other reasons for me missing the dinner.

But I did fine here in Penang.

Actually I did better than fine in Penang.

I have Chinese friends back in KL and besides the customary ‘gong xi fa cai’ greetings, there’s nothing much that I do as they would be spending their time with their respective families. In Penang however, I actually ‘celebrated’ Chinese New Year!

My Dell colleagues and friends invited me to their houses and though I couldn’t sample any of their food for obvious reasons, they made me feel that I was actually celebrating Chinese New Year. We went from houses to houses and it was really a great way to spend your day when you have no families around.

But I take my hat's off to His Royal Badness for making me a part of his family. I know the dude is probably one of the biggest snob in the country but get to know him and you'll find that he's really someone you could count on when the chips are down. And I thank the Almighty God for having him as a friend...

But despite the good feelings about being appreciated, I would give them all up for the reunion dinner with my Small Baby and her family…


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