Clot gets Caught!

What's with celebrities and sex scandals?

All of us have our own naughty and kinky sides and we do things that are only meant to be shared by our partners and in the comfort of our own domains. To record such things is not only impersonal but the chances that others might find them - no matter how hard we try to keep it - will always be there.

The world of Streetwear and HK SHowbiz fans were shocked recently when the so-called "Golden Boy" of HK Cinema and owner of Streetwear Brand CLOT, Edison Chen's photos in sexual acts with previous girlfriends were leaked on the net.

No big deal, really. Except how stupid can someone be? Dude, if there is there, no matter how small the chances are, the chance of them being published on the net remains. My question is how stupid can the participants in such acts be?

Seriously dude, how dumb can they be; specially the women?

In all the scandals that leaked, it is always the women that get the negative end while the men just increases the credibility as a stud, unless they really have small dicks lah or come on 3 seconds! Hahaha Honestly though, if your man has a camera with him when you’re about to share the most intimate of moments, just ask him to go fuck himself!

Unless you’re married, I wouldn’t recommend recording your sexual activities, no matter how kinky you are. Even if you’re married, unless you know you would be with this person for the rest of your life, then don’t fucking do it!

And coming back to Edison’s scandal, the cowardly act of going back to Boston only reinforces the fact that this boy ain’t go no fucking balls to stand up for himself and the poor women that he has ashamed. If I was Nic, I would hunt this wuss and just fucking slit his throat for doing that we did.

And as I was chilling with His Royal Badness while he was busy calling the peeps he knows who have had a fling or relationship with EdC, we both agreed that we could never look at Cecilia Chung the same way again! Ever! Hahahaha

The poor girl doesn’t need a Brazilian wax dude, she needs – as BBB eloquently puts it – a “South American Wax”! hahaha Brazil is not sufficient to clean the jungle that she has down there! Hahahaha

So, girls and boys, the next time you do anything stupid that could potentially compromise you, THINK!


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