The Worst Drivers In The Planet!

It's official!

Penangites are the worst drivers I have ever met on the road!

I am not the judgemental type nor do I hastily form an opinion about anyone and generalize but Penangites are the worst drivers in the face of the earth! Fuck, if they had drivers outerspace, I'm sure they would be better drivers than the people in Penang.

Of course I am not generalizing the entire population but I dare say 80% of the drivers here DO NOT know how to drive. I wonder if the JPJ boys live like rockstars; with the way these people drive, I wouldn't be surprised if they all bought their licenses!

I'm not sure how road taxes are paid in Penang but from what I see on the road everyday, they drive as if they pay double taxes; they can never keep to their lanes and selfishly hog the road!

The above is just one of the reasons why Penangites are the worst drivers ever! In due time, I will add reasons after reasons on why they deserve such infamy...


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