When the flesh fails you. . .

I was supposed to go to the land of the rising sun but there were more pressing matters that I had to attend to. We are in the final stages of our retail launches in Thailand and Indonesia and because time was a huge issue for us, my orientation program there could wait.

Because of the issues that I had to settle with our distributors in both countries, I had to stay the weekend in Penang. And being in Penang over the weekend without His Royal Badness, I was kinda lost as to what to do.

Lucky for me though, my ex-staff from Nestle, Khun Hui, who is from Thailand was on her way back to Bangkok after a 2 years attachment with the Malaysian office and decided to stop by Penang with her husband on their way back home. It gave me an opportunity to meet her again and I took them out to this sea food place in Gurney for dinner.

Khun Hui

On Sunday, my colleague from Sydney called me up and asked if I wanted to ball. Having gone without a good sweat for months, I readily agreed to and we went to this neighborhood court in Sri Nibong.

And this is when I realized that 1. I am very unfit and 2. Age is catching up with me :(

Oh, I was still able to blow by a few kids who were half my age but when I got back home, I was totally in pain as if I was a woman in labor without the aid of anesthesia! That's how painful it was!

And when I was getting ready for work this morning, I could barely move and had problems putting my boxers and socks on!

God is truly great; as He makes us wiser with age, He also constantly reminds us to live a healthy life…


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