What a waste!

This afternoon, my ex-boss texted me and asked me if I know the reason(s) why Leo Burnett pulled out of the 3-way agency pitch for the lucrative IRDA communication account and when I read his message, I was totally shocked!

Why would they pull out? This I asked myself.

Really, why would the front runner in the pitch pull out in the last minute? There must be something wrong somewhere and I was in determined to find out. I called the agency's Director of Servicing and asked her why did they pull out?

"It's really a waste, dude", I reasoned out to her. Of the 3 agencies that were shortlisted, Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide came with the best credentials and was the obvious front runner, so for them to pull out without valid reasons is just plain crazy.

Her reply? "Dude, it was a management decision; we feel that we didn't have enough resources to go through the pitch. Moreover, we decided to concentrate on the other pitches that are concurrently ongoing."

What a waste, I tell you. I am now wondering what kind of communication will IRDA have considering the agency that they will be appointing. It is really disheartening to know that their communication objectives may not be achieved as the eventual winner of the pitch just doesn't have the depth and experience to undertake this mammoth account.

I'll cry for you, Iskandar!


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