Tari Cafe

One of the first things that come to mind when Penang is mentioned is food. All these years, I couldn't relate to the hype about Penang food; Nasi Kandar was out of the picture because I have a super-sensitive stomach and most Chinese food is off-limits as well for obvious reasons.

It was only until my recent ‘relocation’ to the island that I am beginning to discover what people have been talking about all this while. And I have to thank His Royal Badness for this. He has introduced Penang to me in a totally different world; a place where great food + rock star status is the way of life!

He also introduced me to Tari Café; a non-assuming joint that married Hip-Hop Music and Cable TV with the familiarity of a ‘Gerai Makan’ to churn out great tasting burgers.

Non-Penangites wouldn’t bat an eye-lid when they see this place but to locals, this place is an institution! This place is the fuckin’ first place to have a WiFi service in Penang! They had WiFI before Starbucks, how fuckin’ cool is that?

Tari Café has become my ‘joint’ whenever I feel like being normal :) The times I’m not with Penang’s finest ‘rockstaring’, I go to Tari Café to have dinner, surf the net and just chill.

The next time anyone of you pop by Penang, make sure you go this place and have a go at their famous burgers…


Anonymous said...

Tari = OG


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