The Streetwear Conspiracy: Volume 2

Anyways, let me go back to why I am blogging about streetwear in the first place. In Malaysia, the streetwear 'phenomenon' had been gaining momentum the past few years. We even have our own streetwear brands and outlets in the country and this is where everything gets nasty.

I’ll tell you a story of 2 individuals who either have their own brand and/or have their own outlets. To protect their true identities, I will each give them nicknames hehehe

The first one is an arrogant SOB whose mere mention of his name will make others puke and let me call him DECK. The second one is someone who was born with a silver spoon and whose daddy is an institution of some sorts in the country and I’ll call him UGLY.

Deck is someone who has both, i.e. brands and outlet(s). But because of his arrogance, he doesn’t really have that many clients in the country but he couldn’t give a fuck because he has clients worldwide… He’s also someone who is not in this stupid lifestyle for the money; for fame, maybe but certainly not for the dough.

Ugly is a newbie to this whole thing. He doesn’t know shit about streetwear but took the effort to learn about it. The thing with Ugly though is that to him, this is nothing but a business and his interaction with the suckers that make up 99% of the streetwear ‘lifestyle’ in the country is suspect; I personally think that he’s into all this to make money out of these suckers.

I both know these guys and while I don’t really business with anyone of them, this is where I don’t understand this thing called streetwear. When they are together, they’re like fuckin’ closeted lovers but when they’re not together, they diss each other like two scorned women who were dumped by their boyfriends!

Seriously, this is streetwear in this country!

In hip-hop, when you have a beef, you don’t talk to one another, even if your ticket to heaven depends on it. Fuck, in my days, I have had beef with other peeps and until today, I don’t fucking talk to them; I don’t even recognize their existence…

For all you know, they are really great friends who created this beef to create hype! LOL Seriously though, Ugly is just so fake (and fugly) for my own good that I can never see myself hanging out with him socially. . .

Give me the arrogant SOB anytime of the day because I’d rather hang out with someone REAL even if he is an ass.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. CK,

Been reading your blog after you mentioned it to me after we met the last time.

I may have some answers to the streetwear questions you have and it's true, most of the streetwear heads these days are true heads but mostly are just hypebeasts.

Give me a sometime, to summarize it for you and maybe I'll post it here, or maybe I'll drop you an e-mail? Get @ me,


- Jason

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