The Streetwear Conspiracy: Volume 1

Streetwear seems to be the prevalent and hyped lifestyle these days.

Honestly though, I’m still unsure as to what it really means. It’s one of those things that when you ask different people, they’ll give you different answers.

But if I were to refer to refer to the Brands that make up the streetwear world - as defined and explained by the streetwear hoes -, then I will consider myself a non-streetwear person. Even if I have and occasionally wear one or two brands, I don’t really follow the latest collections of these brands and couldn’t really give a fuck to what’s hot at the moment and what’s not.

Me, I love hip-hop; the music, the culture, the way they dress and whatever associated with the hip-hop culture. However, like most people who have been following hip-hop since the mid 80’s, I have also grown up. I still do wear hip-hop attires occasionally but not every day anymore. There was a time when all you see me in are hip-hop attires from head to toe.

But are hip-hop brands such as Roca Wear, Sean John, LRG and others deemed streetwear? Apparently not!

And why is that, I asked a guy I bumped into while in KL who follows this craze.

His reply was, “Because they are not streetwear

Confused and adamantly in disagreement, I countered “But hip-hop is more street than any of the influences the so-called streetwear is based on!” “If brands that are skateboarding-based could be classified as such, why not hip-hop?”

He just looked at me incredulously and muttered an “I don’t know dude”.

Not wanting to end the subject matter, I offered: “Dude, skateboarding back in the day was for suburban-based kids who were living a good life while hip-hop was for those who are truly from the streets; so, to exclude hip-hop brands from the definition of streetwear is totally biased and bullshit!”.

It really makes me wonder why, especially in Asia, hip-hop clothing is perceived to be NOT part of the streetwear culture. I don’t know how they qualify what constitutes streetwear but if hip-hop is not “street” enough for them, then I really don’t want to be part of the fad that is known as streetwear.

I asked the same dude if he accepts BAPE as a streetwear brand, to which he excitedly said yes! I just shook my head in disbelief and dropped the topic; what more could I say? It is clear that these motherfuckers don’t fucking know nothing!

It’s a conspiracy against hip-hop, I tell you…

And it has everything to do with the populace that follows hip-hop in this country; and such attitude is downright racist and bigot!

And for this; I would never be able support them. . .


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