Sometimes, it's good to start something badly...

I had a great night last night :)

My Small Baby and I had our pre-countdown dinner at The Curve and though I knew she would have wanted to stay to watch the fireworks, we both decided to go home just before the actual countdown.

The place was just too packed that I actually had difficulty breathing. I guess age is catching up with me :( Moreover, secretly, I wanted to be at home when the clock striked 12 midnight because I wanted my Small Baby all to myself! I know it's selfish but I didn't have her for companion last year...

Anyways, the year couldn't have started worst for me :( God be my judge, I really wanted to wake up early this morning, for a change, and bring my Small Baby for brunch but for reasons only known to the Lord above, I slept till 2pm, destroying my good intentions and irritating the hell out of my Small Baby in the process :(

My inability to start the new year early clearly disappointed my Small Baby and we got into an argument :( But in a way I was glad it happened because I have finally seen her express her disappointment and anger! Through the years, she kept her anger within herself and no matter what I did to coax it out of her, she never gave way to her emotions.

Until this afternoon! God, I hated myself for the way I hurt her but the other part of me was kinda relieved that I finally saw my Small Baby when angry but for sure, I'll do everything I can NOT to get her into this state again...

As much as I liked seeing the passion in her, I'd rather not see it again... It's scary, I tell you!


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