Arrogance or Plain Stupidity?

It may not be surprising to anyone if I blog about how arrogant the way majority of the Penangites drive. What I don't understand though is how could they be so stupid to fucking think that by driving like a Yakuza on a suicide mission, they would be perceived to be the epitome of everything that is macho?

Really, how fucking stupid can these people be?

Penangites are generally good people; they are nice and warm and friendly until they get into a car. Every day since I started work, there would always be an accident caused by stupid motorists who are inconsiderate and just downright idiots. And I mean Everyday...

As it is, the traffic is already bad. With these unwanted and unnecessary accidents, it only gets worst because - this is another thing I don’t understand with Malaysian drivers in general – they all fucking slow down and watch with amusement and joy the accident(s) that just happened! If you ain’t gonna fucking help, just go on with your journey instead of fucking gawking at the broken glasses and dented cars like it was Giselle Bundchen naked.

From what I understand, a lot of people slow down to catch the plate number or something like that, to bet on it in some 2D or 4D thing, but the thing is, I don't see lots of people becoming millionaires by winning lotteries!

Sometimes, the need to speed is justified but if it's done every time you're in the driver seat, then something is wrong with your head. Either get it check fast or you’ll end up dead somewhere with your brains sprawled all over the road and your body decapitated into different parts.

Seriously, when will these people learn? The way Penangites drive, they won’t fuckin’ survive in places like New York; either they’ll die in their car or die by being beaten or shot at! I’m serious!

And what’s worse is that most of the people that drive as if their wives are going to be giving birth in the next 3 minutes are the matured and adult ones! It is common to see young peeps driving like a mad man in KL and honestly, these reckless behaviors is even understandable. I mean, these are kids who just got their licenses and feel that they need to prove their manhood by driving as such.

But for grown ass men to drive like this?

Only in Penang. . .


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