Other Reasons of going to work...

How many of us wake up in the morning and don’t feel like going to work? Honestly, have you ever woke up and felt like staying in bed but couldn’t because you had to go to work?

As y’all know, I’m a lazy bastard! And I’m not a morning person; combine these two and you’ll have a guy who would never want to go to work! Hahaha But of course, I need to make a living and albeit wearily and grudgingly, I need to whoop my ass off the bed and go to work.

When I was in Colgate-Palmolive, I learned - painfully at that - that in order to overcome such realities of work life, I needed to find ‘another reason’ to go to work besides work. And believe you me; this simple thought may not make sense to many people but it got me to where I am now. And look where I am now? hehehe
All through the years, I have always managed to find that ‘other/another reason’ of going to work besides work.

When I was in Nestle, it was the free-flow of Nescafe Mocha that allowed me to not only be great at what I did but also enabled me to stay awake during the most boring of meetings.

Similarly, when I was with Leo Burnett, it was the pool table that was the other reason why I looked forward to going to work and it was in that pool table that the inspirations to award-winning campaigns were conceived.

Do you now see how important it is for me to have ‘another reason’ of wanting to go to work? Those of you who know well would probably agree with the contention that I am a kid; and like most kids, I tend to get bored easily. Hence, in order for me to fully enjoy my work, I need another outlet to channel my kid-like enthusiasm, lest I would get bored. And this is where the ‘another reason’ come into place.

And now that I am in Dell, lucky for me, I still have my ‘another reason’ why I drag my ass off the bed and go to work, besides work of course. On top of that, I found it rather easily actually…

It was my first day at work and my first cigarette break. As I casually walked to the place where Dell smokers congregate, my mind was focused on how the office was and what I needed to do to make a lasting impression.

But these thoughts were interrupted when I reached my intended destination because there before me was a sight to behold and one I would never forget! I have never chanced upon such beauty nor have I ever been shocked at such beauty ever since I first laid eyes my eyes on my Small Baby!

You know what I'm talking about, right?

Y'know, the kind of beauty that just makes you weak on the knees? A beauty that is beyond just good looks? A beauty that exudes from within? A beauty that makes you look up in the sky and say "Thank You God!"?

Well, She had that beauty! This little girl (well, I didn’t know her age then; I thought she was in her late teens) was just gorgeous and I was really taken aback by how she looked. She was just gorgeous!

The thing about Grace Ng (I know her name now hehehe) is that she just doesn’t know how gorgeous she is and this unassuming demeanor just adds to her beauty. I call her ‘Gorgeous’ and she has problems with this moniker; this is how unassuming this girl is…

Grace is now officially my another reason’ of going to work and has been referred to as 'My chick' amonst the peeps that I am close to. And albeit I don’t see her as often as I want to, the mere thought that I could bump into her at work and see that beauty is enough for me to drag my ass in the morning and look forward to going to work.

And the times when I actually bump into her?

Priceless dude, priceless!


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