On the Road to Penang...

Yesterday, I left KL by road en route to Penang to take on my latest professional challenge :)

While this was not the first time I drove to Penang, I've kinda forgotten how the roads are like. Basically, KL-Penang is the same distance as KL-JB but the main difference is the quality and the friendliness of the roads.

It takes me, on average, 3 hours from KL to JB. When I drove yesterday, it took me almost 4 hours to reach the Penang Bridge and a further 15 minutes to reach the island. The 1 hour plus difference could be attributed to the condition of the highway.

Whereas the road from KL to JB is one straight stretch, the one to Penang is completely the opposite; it’s full of zigzag roads and you need to go up and down, rounding off huge ass corners, etc.

Not only are the roads unfriendly, because of the steep roads, going to Penang consumed more gas as well! I filled my tank full before I left KL and by the time I got to the island, it was practically empty :(

Anyways, my adventure was not only limited to navigating the roads to Penang; when I finally arrived, it was way late at night and going to my new condo is not an option because I don’t have the keys just yet. I then looked for a hotel to spend the night but I forgot that it was New Years day and all the hotels that I like and am familiar with were all fully booked :(


I drove around the island looking for a hotel that could accommodate me, at least for a night, but no decent hotel had a room to spare, even when I asked for the suites and what not.

Tired from the drive, as well as very sleepy and shaken from my Small Baby’s scary outburst, I ended up staying in a shabby and creepy motel. I really had no choice; I didn’t want to be demanding and call someone from Dell and I just had to get some rest, so I opted to stay in this seedy hotel for the night.

Talk about a great beginning!



Anonymous said...

Im not here to "flame" or anything of that sorts. Just want a perspective.Better yet your perspective.I believe you are a Muslim and an interllectual plus a crazy Air Jordan collector and Hip-Hop head.Now thats just spells mad respect!
Here's the thing i qoute, "Ivan only drinks MOËT & CHANDON’S BRUT IMPÉRIAL - BRUT IMPÉRIAL, so remember that, bitches!"


Ivan Omar said...

Thank you for the kind words.

Just out of curiosity, what was the source of your quote? Don't get me wrong, I'm not doubting you, not at all.

I believe you have a valid point of reference and please advise as to where those words were written and by whom.

Indeed, I am a Muslim and very proud to be one. As much as I love my Air Jordan's and my hip-hop, I won't die for them but for Islam, I will readily do so :)

I hope you can get back to me either openly here or personally via email.

Thanks once again for the kind words.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe everything you read on the internet, children.


Ivan Omar said...

True that, YRH BBB :)


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