The Minority Report

I am in Penang and I work for Dell.

In both places, I belong to the minority group. Fresh from working for an organization that is overwhelmingly populated by fellow Bumis, being in Penang and working for Dell brought me right to the other end of the spectrum.

Surprisingly, I love being a minority! LOL

Seriously, I kinda dig this minority thingy, for a change. We all know the 'privileges' one enjoys by merely being a Bumi, so to be recognized for your abilities and intelligence and not because you belong to the privileged few is truly rewarding, self-fulfilling and refreshing.

I am not sure and I haven't fully gotten to know everyone in the company - I doubt if I ever will because of the size - but I think I'm the highest-placed Bumi in Dell. Again, I'm not really sure about this but from how the Bumis have been very nice and patronizing; I think this may be the case.

I do get away with parking illegally as most of the security personnel are Malays and the chicks think I’m exotic – perhaps it’s the lethal combination of looking different from most of the other senior managers and behaving differently and it also doesn’t hurt if you earn a good living hahaha

I’m truly blessed and I can’t thank the Benevolent God enough for continuously blessing me; my parents for giving birth to me and instilling the need to be educated and of course my Small Baby for being always there for me and serve as my inspiration in everything that I do.

I may be ‘hot’ but I’m already taken hehehe


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