Korean Food on Thaipusam

Yet again, His Royal Badness and his adorable girlfriend took me out and entertain for dinner and this time around, they brought me to a Korean restaurant that served great food.

Eversince I came to the island, this couple have nothing been but extra-ordinarily great in their reception of me and I really have to return the favor soon. I can't go on being treated day in day out man, I'm starting to feel like I'm a leech or something :(

Anyways, after dinner, they dropped me off at Island Plaza where I left my car to be cleaned; it reached a point where I myself was disgusted with driving it. After taking the car, I chilled a bit in Starbucks to surf the net and just enjoy my cafe latte...

Of all the malls in Penang, this is my favorite. Maybe because it's more like a neighborhood mall more than anything and I'm not really big on huge ass malls because more often than not, there are lots of pretentious people that go to such places. Island Plaza may not be the best here but to me, this is the best place to chill and just unwind.

Ben came back after sending his girl to Batu Feringgi and we stayed in Island Plaza until it closed. Halfway through our chat, we were joined by my brother’s ex-girlfriend, Yati. I’ve known Yati for like 10 years and she’s still the same girl when I first knew her.

She’s 29 this year and just imagine how it made me feel; she was just a teenager in her first year of Uni when I met her and now, she’s all grown up and work as a banker. She is still as bubbly and sweet as ever but being in her company -as much I enjoy it - makes me feel old!

Oh well…


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