Just In Time...

Just got back to KL this morning from my annual trip back to where I grew up. Normally, I would stay till after the new year but because I need to be in Penang on the 2nd of January to start work, I had no choice but to come back earlier.

But it's all good though; at least, I'll get to spend the first few hours of the new year in the country. More importantly, I'll be spending it with my Small Baby :)

I thought of doing another round of resolutions but I told myself, this time around, I ain't gonna do it. Instead, I'm just gonna try to fulfill the things I wanted to do without the need to spell them out. Moreover, I think resolutions are a thing of the past; how many people actually keep them?

Anyways, all I can hope for is the best and I'm sure 2008 is gonna be one hell of a year, one way or the other...


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