I 'fessed up!

I never intended to tell anyone in Dell about my blog, save for those whom I'm really close to like Shariman (fellow Bimmerian) and Dominic, the white dude from Aussie land who loves Basketball as much as, if not more than I do

All along, my plan was just to blog about my life in Dell and Penang without telling anyone in the company about it but today, I kinda sold out :(

Because I wanted to put a face to the person I have been talking about, I had to 'fess up and told her about my blog

The peeps who read my blog have contacted and asked, more like pestered actually, and enquired about 'my chick' and the only way for me to get her picture is to ask her for it and I didn't want to lie about why I wanted her pic. Moreover, I don't think she's gonna appreciate me taking pics of her without her permission, no?

So I had to tell her. I had no choice, really. But it's all good though because she seemed cool when I told her. Of course, in exchange for her pic, she wanted to read my blog and that's the reason why I had to give her the link. . .
Oh well...

I'm sure she's just gonna keep it to herself, won't you Grace? :)


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