Hanging Out with THE Bad Boy

Before I departed for Penang, I contacted my main man, Ben Lo of Dope Distribution and informed him that I would be relocating to Penang to embark on a new career.

We made arrangements to meet on my 2nd day at the job for dinner but on the 1st day itself, I bumped into him in the bank of all places! Hahaha Anyways, we reconfirmed our dinner appointment for the next night.

Ben and his gorgeous girlfriend Ee Lin treated me to a sumptous dinner at a sea food restaurant in Gurney and from thereon, it was P-A-R-T-Y all the way! Chilling out with Ben in his domain is like going to an aftershow with a superstar.

I'm not gonna go into the details on where they brought me and what they did but suffice to say, I’m glad I had someone like Ben and his peeps to introduce Penang to me :)

Thanks bro!


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