Friends are supportive; Brothers are over-protective

Last night, as we were chilling in Starbucks, His Royal Badness and I got into an intellectually-stimulating debate about relationships that work and those that don't.

It was brought about by my perceived over-protectiveness. He's saying that I should be more supportive of my friend's choice of dates/partners but what he doesn't understand is that when you treat someone like your own sibling, it's only natural to be over-protective.

If my relationship with that particular person is just plain friendship, then of course I'll be supportive of her choices but because it's beyond that, the over-protectiveness of a brother towards his little sister flows naturally.

Yo bro, like the title says, being supportive is being a friend; being over-protective is being a brother. Capish? hehehe But even after all the over-protection that only a brother could muster and she still goes ahead with her choices, then there's nothing much a brother could do but support his little sister.

A relationship like Calvin & Hobbes is more than that of siblings; Calvin is so over-protective of Hobbes and Vice Versa

The point is, to be over-protective of someone whom you regard as a little sister is nothing but natural and this is a concept that BBB doesn't seem to understand. Perhaps, he's an only child and never felt that need to protect a sibling.

Or maybe, he's just hoping to get lucky! hahaha


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