Easy Thursday

Today was pretty quiet for me. I only had a few things to do after a crazy week and I took the time off to just chill by the office and get to know more people.

My Small Baby also came today. As soon as she landed from Amsterdam, she took a flight up here to recuperate after a tiring and long flght. We're in currently in Tari Cafe as I am posting this entry having dinner :)

Small Baby and I are going back to KL tomorrow after work. Compared to when I was in JB, I'm ok with staying in Penang over the weekends as there are lots of things to explore and food to try. But I do miss KL and go back on alternate weekends just to make sure I don't get a Penang overdose and also meet up with friends.

Tomorrow is also a relatively easy day as we are closing our fiscal year. Q1 in Dell starts in February and since it's the 2nd last week of the fiscal year, we're just tying the few loose ends that is left and from the looks of it, Dell is gonna end with a great year and handsome bonuses will be paid to the staff.

I wonder if I qualify for some loose change bonus? :)


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