1st Day @ Dell :)

Because it's my first day, I arrived at the main gate at 8:25 am.

It may be normal for a lot of people but I love my sleeps and never the morning person, being at the workplace before 8:30 am is a giant step for me! hehehe

Well, I thought to myself, why not just go there and for once, be on time. Moreover, this will probably be the only time I will have to be there that early. We practice flexi-time and so long as I am contactable whenever I need to be, the people here couldn't give a rat's ass where I am or what time I would be in!

Just my kind of organization :)

After the initial registration and quick chat with the peeps from HR, I was then introduced to my team and they comprised of 3 Japanese, 1 Filipino and 2 local Chinese! First thing that came to my head was "Welcome to the world of Dell; a mini United Nations"...

Dell is a real MNC in the truest meaning of the word. You have people from all over the world working there and unlike the other MNC’s in the country, expats here are not just those who occupy executive positions. You’ll find expats who are normal managers and specialists…

And the thing that really shocked me was the size of the office.

It is fuckin’ HUGE!

I swear, this place is fucking huge!

I also love the open-space concept. There are no personal rooms in Dell; everyone sits on cubicles, irrespective of whether you are a director or a temporary staff. When you look up, you’ll see an infinite wide space of cubicles and I just love it!

When it was lunch time, my Filipina colleague brought me to the cafeteria and like everything in this place; it was fucking huge as well! The cafeteria in Dell is way bigger than the food courts in any shopping malls in the country.

I ain’t kidding!

And the food ain’t bad either. They have different stalls catering to different palates; they have mixed rice, Chinese, Western, Indian and a few other dishes that I am afraid to even try! They also have various deserts - from cakes right up to Häagen-Dazs® Ice Creams.

The food is quite cheap too! A mixed rice with meat 3 dishes + vege + a can of coke will hit you for only RM5.00! Now isn’t that fucking cheap? I guess the food is subsidized by the company but they also give us a monthly ‘meal allowance’ of RM35; it ain’t much but good enough to cover a week’s meal :)

I was just too knackered by 6 pm that I excused myself and went back to the hotel to pick up my stuff and went back to my new place.

Tomorrow’s another day; another day to venture the world of Dell :)


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