"When to take my name off the door"

As I retrospectively look back at my professional career this year, I am continuously debating with myself why did I move from one great and global company to a more promising one, only to leave them at the end of this month.

And it doesn't help that whenever I go, people I meet keep on asking me why I am leaving. I guess, it's pretty unconventional for someone in my position to move jobs twice in a year; can't really say I blame them though for asking.

When I decided to leave Nestle for the organization I am attached with now, people thought I was crazy. And perhaps, rightfully so. Nestle is a multi-billion global MNC and the company I left it for is a start-up who has only been in operations for a few months. Granted, it was tasked with overseeing the development of the largest special economic region in Asia, but still, it was a start up where nothing was certain.

But me being me, I still went ahead and went for the challenges that it provided. And months along the road, I have already decided that it's not the best environment for me. Honestly, I still love the scope of work that comes with it but, I just can't, no matter how hard I tried, fit in with the culture that they have.

Wait. What am I saying? Am I saying that I only fit well with global MNC’s?

Well, as much as I would like to say yes, the truth is far from it. Call me an idealist, naïve even, but all I want in my professional career is the opportunity to be able to build brands into greatness! I will go anywhere at any time if I can do this.

When I left Nestle to go to where I am now, it was with this rationale and similarly, to a certain extent, I am leaving where I am now to the best computer manufacturer in the world because it provided me with a better chance of doing something greater, Branding wise.

Hmmm, well, it is debatable actually…

But the point here is that, I am leaving because the environment doesn’t allow me to creatively express how I envision the brand to be.

I mean, I have done what is necessary, even more. I have given it a new name, a new brand proposition, new attributes and am in the midst of finalizing the creative visual representation of the brand. What I can’t stand though is how things are done. Fundamentally, let those who know about Branding do branding but sadly, this is not the case here.

In my defense, not that I need one, I was brought back to my days when I was still with Leo Burnett. As part of the orientation program, they show the clip of Leo Burnett himself addressing the staff for the final time. It was during this time when the famous “when to take my name off the door” speech was delivered.

Listen to what this great man has to say and you will understand why I did what I did. Simply put, in my case, it’s “when to get out of that door”...


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